My Experience Used First Time RChelicopter

4/09/2011 Asep Wawan Labels:

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I was a little story to tell you my experience in this world and everything RC helicopters are not the same thing happened to me, which took two days with a helicopter and I have a hard time looking for information on how to start etc..

All the experience that aligns said today based on the kit RTF (ready to fly) from Thunder Tiger, specifically Mini Titan E325 Super Combo 2.5G models. To be exact I am saying that the package contains exactly:

Helicopter: E325 Super Combo with wooden paddles.
Station: RC Sky Ace Mater TS6 (6 channel).
Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh 25C Power Ace
Manual: Quick Start Guide and full manual.
Chargers: Good batteries to the station.

With this I hope to go slowly and explain my adventure with this, Azana stupid, so if I pay attention because the battery does nothing then, so I should be sent to some of the batteries in order to fly the Mini Titan in the shortest possible time.

Happy day to all and hope that the information they find on this blog will be very useful.