The Curve Gas for Tips RChelicopter

5/09/2011 Asep Wawan Labels: ,

The curve of gas for tips rchelicopter defined for each position of the engine speed stick. So we assume that we define the 3 position for the stick. One down, one at the center and on top of it. Typically, when a stick is all the way down the engine has not changed, so we will assign a value of 0%, so silent. Then in a central position we can say that our machine is 50% of the revolution, and above 100%, so that our engine started to stand up to their maximum speed of movement of the stick.

tip helicopters

In theory that our helicopter off the ground do not need 100% of the motor, and that lift helicopters, we need a certain engine speed (1400rpm) and blade angle is greater than 5, so that our helicopter came when two conditions are met. In addition, we are the largest helicopter rotor blade angle increases, lower and lower. We must also remember that the larger the angle, the greater the air resistance, so we need more revolutions of the motor 1400rpm us to maintain the requirements for support.