Tips Choose Right Remote Control Helicopter

2/18/2012 Asep Wawan Labels: ,

Tips choose right remote control helicopter. People often think that remote control helicopters are simple toys that can only fly straight. The truth is, not only kids and teens love to them, but also grownups with a passion for engaging gadgets. Remote control helicopters are difficult to control using a remote because you need to be precise in every move that you make. They have technical parts and aerodynamic features you must also keep in mind when operating them.

For many people
remote control helicopters are a hobby; some of them have more than two different machines and thus, the open market is filled with these new inventions. Those who have this hobby often advise beginners to buy a more advanced helicopter, even if it is harder to fly. They think that if someone really wants to learn about RC helicopters, he/she will manage to control a complicated one.

There are numerous types of
RC helicopters, each of them suited for beginners and advanced users. These gadgets are differentiated by the rotor: single rotor or co-axial. Co-axial helicopters have more than one rotor; they may have an upper rotor blade, a lower rotor blade and no tail blade. The single rotor craft has other two subcategories, fixed-pitch or collective-pitch helicopters. Fixed-pitch ones have a rotor that cannot be moved in any way, and when it lifts it only uses a throttle. Collective-pitch ones can fly with a combination of throttle and pitch control.

For a beginner, the fixed-pitch one is ideal until they learn how to master the basics. In order to choose the best remote helicopter, you have to follow the next criteria: costs, difficulty to fly, size, durability, parts availability and flight time. When you take into consideration the price of a remote-controlled helicopter, you might want to choose the most convenient ones or, if you have a wide budget available feel free to spend as much as you want on them.

Having a good mini helicopter implies spending more cash. An ideal investment could be the best idea if you want to use that "bird" for a long time. An easy to fly machine is desirable when you are a beginner because you might destroy it from the very first days if you don't know how to handle it. What you must learn at first is orientation, so try to find a helicopter that does not drift around too much. Also, you can also buy something with more options, so after you have passed the basic knowledge of RCs, you will not get bored fast.

If you want to fly your RC helicopter indoors, you should choose a smaller sized model. You have to adapt the size of the machine with the size of the house, so that you will have more space and room to play. Two other properties that your helicopter must have is durability-because you want to be solid enough to withstand crashes, and extra parts- to be able to repair your machine if it breaks down.

Flight time is also important because if you charge it properly you'll be able to enjoy it for hours. Some of the most important brands of RC helicopters are Syma S107, Sanhuan 6020-1 and JXD Racer, however you'll come across numerous others on the open market.