Blade MCP X Bind And Fly RC Helicopter

1/25/2012 Asep Wawan Labels: ,

MCP Blade X Bind and Fly RC Helicopter are equipped with 2.4GHz DSM2 transmitter and the transmitter without any version of Bind-N-Fly, for those who already have a DSM2 aircraft transmitter, which is available. Both variations including two 200mAh 1S 25C battery, single charger port with AC adapter and 1s-Micro Ultra High Current Lead Battery Adaptor. Using an integrated Flybarless system, heli to get up in the air without mechanical fly bar. The benefits of this system provides reduced drag on the main rotor head that produces more power, longer flight times, and provides the pilot the best of both worlds between stability and agility. Bind-N-Fly MCP X comes together with everything you need to fly except the transmitter in a box. Only charge the battery and tie the helicopter to the aircraft DSM2 compatible transmitter and you will be flying in no time.

Procuct features for blade mcp x bind and fly rc helicopter:
- Ultra Micro Collective Pitch Helicopter
- Great for transitioning pilots
- Factory-installed Flybarless 3-in-1 Control Unit with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 - receiver, ESCs, and gyros
- Intermediate Level Recommended
- Can be used indoor or outdoor flying
Customer Reviews for blade mcp x bind and fly rc helicopter :

It just blows me away that you can buy a honest-to-god collective pitch helicopter for under $200 bucks, and that you can fly it in the comfort of your own home. I probably would have never gotten around to trying collective pitch helicopters if not for this or something like it. I would never have had the time to go outside during the day and learn on a larger machine, but now I can practice hovering after the kids are in bed.

As others have pointed out, this machine should not be taken lightly. Prior to my first flight I had practiced extensively on the Phoenix simulator and flown an MSR. Still, on my first cautious attempt at liftoff, bam! right into the sofa before I knew what happened. No damage fortunately, and after a few minutes of baby steps I was able to hold it in a hover. Simulators are great, but there is no substitute for a physical instantiation for solidifying the neuromuscular feedback.

Having tried a coaxial and the fixed pitch MSR, now I finally feel that this is the real deal.
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